Hello all,

I’m new to Blogging yet I’ve had a little experience from posting my daily life experiences on other social media sites, why plug without getting something for it. It seems lately that more and more people are blogging in one form or another and maybe it’s because times are hard.

If it isn’t running short on cash, upset at the affairs of our government or just plain bored waiting for the next technological advance in communications.I have no idea what I’ll blog about as of now but I know what gets folks all reeled up so I’m hoping not to offend anyone, group, organization when I pick a topic but sometimes it’s too difficult to remain detached to subjects or remain impartial.

I don’t know what defines a typical blogs length so I’m going to consider this to be my first and I have no idea at this juncture who is going to read it or how they arrived here with their prodding eyes.

Have a great day!!


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